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5v5 and 1v1 matches
Rules :
- No key logging or cheating is allowed
- No opening of console unless auto-run it's a batch file for settings.
- Laptop, Mice and keyboards are required to be brought by contestants along with the latest steam version of CSGO.
Participation fees: 300/- per team
CC - 5v5 Amanveer Singh 7023899945
Participation fees: 100/- per person
CC – Harsh Rathi 9660965523

Individual 1v1 tournament matches.
- Contestants are required to bring their own controllers/keyboards
- Laptops and game version will be provided by the organizers. Anything else won't be entertained.
Participation Fee: ₹100/- per person
CC - Shrey Srivastava 9650863799

DotA 2
It's a massive multiplayer online game (5v5)
- Everyone is required to use their own steam accounts and they have to bring their own laptop's as well as mouse and keyboard.
- No key logging but macros can be assigned.
Participation fee: ₹300/- per team
CC - Nikhil Chauhan 9408500834

Rocket league
One of the biggest eSports of 2016-17. It's a 2v2 flying car soccer game with an addicting gameplay.
-we will provide the steam ids(as backups) and laptops
-controllers have to be brought in by contestants
-matches will be played in teams of 2
Participation Fee :100 per team
CC- Archit Dudeja: 9888253011

Competitive Pokemon Battling
-Matches will take place on Pokemon Showdown using Anything Goes rules.
-Choose any six Pokemon and their moves.
-Battle in a knockout format.
-Players must create a user account on Pokemon Showdown(
Participation fee 50/- per person.
CC - Vishvesh – 8447466025

Rules Of Survival
It is a battle royale online game (1v1).
1. Tournament pattern will be revealed on the spot.
2. All those who cannot arrange laptops shall inform us on the day of registration.
3. If someone is found hacking they will be immediately booted with no refund.
4. Everyone is required to have a Facebook/Gmail account.
Price: 100 per person.
CC - Jai Garg +91 79841 41932
Date: 20th- 23rd September
Prize pool of Rs 20,000