Junkyard Wars

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Date: 23rd September
Registration Fee: ₹150/- per team of 2-4 members
Prize upto Rs 3,000
Jatin - 9039112290
Ateek - 9979368551
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” Junkyard wars is an on-spot design and fabrication challenge where your team will be tested on their efficient computer architectural and engineering prowess. In this extremely fun and creative showdown, each team will be given a fixed amount of virtual currency and would be required to buy the essential hardware components to build a cost-effective and coherent computer, all from scratch!
  1. The participating teams will be divided into two different groups. While one group will be responsible for wise auctioning of the components, the other will be responsible for the assembly.
  2. The participating teams are not allowed to use their mobile phones.