Technical Quiz

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Date: 23rd September
Team: Maximum of 2 members per team.
Registration fee: ₹100/- per team.
Prize upto Rs 3,000
Govind Singh - 965-370-2434
Tarushi - 999-973-7106
Find out just how much you've been paying attention to the recent technology. Presenting a quiz in collaboration with QUEREKA, the quizzing society of MUJ for all the tech heads and geeks out there to showcase their knowledge on technical topics thrown with some basic output questions. Do you think you've got what it takes to survive the last round and claim yourself the tech wizard of MUJ?
1. First round would be a preliminary round with 20 questions given to each team.
2. The round would be a written round.
3. No negative marking.
Buzzer Rounds
1. Only 6 teams would qualify for the buzzer round.
2. The round itself would have sub rounds like - audio, visual, rapid-fire, etc.
3. Negative marking is there in this round.